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It all started when…

Lisa W. Lee and Robert P. Lee, P.E. founded North Point Technology, LLC, in 2002.,with a basic mission to provide the highest-quality service possible in systems integration, automation engineering and industrial controls. 

"As a small business, we tried many different software packages, always hoping they would be more than another silo, hoping that one would work with another, but never found it. We bought and eventually canceled a lot of subscriptions. We found some big players that covered larger parts of our business, but found they were not user friendly, not customizable enough, and extremely expensive. ProFusion was designed to be easier, less expensive for companies like ours to do all the business functions in one place.  "

Years of frustration and limited solutions lead to the creation of ProFusion, first for their own business, and then with the realization that many similar businesses are in the same situation, a customizable software-as-a-service offering.  ProFusion uses a single comprehensive database- all information entered by a user on any one screen is available to any other users who may be working in other parts of the system. There is no more duplication of data or repeated entry of the same information. The contact (person) record you enter in the system from the business card at a trade show can be the same contact that is assigned as the "buyer" on a proposal or the "technical contact" on a project, the recipient on invoices or the primary contact for repeat business. The employee record you assign to an organization as primary sales contact can be the same one you may use to report their sales performance, assign to project work, or analyze their utilization and total cost metrics.  One system for all. finally, it is ERP for the Rest of Us.