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ProFusion™ Cloud: ERP for the Rest of Us.  This service is the only full-scope ERP system designed and priced for the small and mid sized business.  From customer communication to proposal generation to project management to invoicing, ProFusion links your entire business together.  One set of data for all of your enterprise, finally.


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DataFusion™ Cloud: Created originally to automate the generation of PLC code for industrial automation projects, DataFusion has grown into a sophisticated data modeling and extraction system.  It allows users to define objects in a library, define the level of modification and external interfaces of those objects, then use drag and drop methods to define a project using standard and library-derived custom objects. Once the model is complete, exporters allow extraction of the data from the model in useful ways.  It's hard to explain in short, so click below for more information.

Custom Applications

Your Personal Fusion Cloud: The engineers and developers at Fusion Cloud are expert at creating high performance applications to address real-world problems.  We will work with you or your team to help define the issues, plan the solution, implement a custom application for you, provide documentation and training, and deliver ongoing support.


“ProFusion has improved our business operations tremendously, replacing all of the smaller software packages we used with one coordinated and integrated whole.”