ProFusion℠ capture all types of data. Here is the list of what is tracked:

  • System users
    o Notes
    o Formal Name (for use in documents)
    o Phone number and extension
    o Initials
    o Current burden rate (cost per billable hour)
    o Target percent billable
    o Billing Title (customizable)
    o Formal Title
    o Hire Date, Termination Date
    o Supervisor
    o Birthday
    o Country and State for tax purposes
    o Current Delegate (a delegate is a person that can perform most of the routine functions of the user for them- for instance if they are on     vacation)
  • Company Holidays
  • Paydates
    o Select weeks between and a starting date and the system will generate the pay dates going forward.
    o Can change future dates
  • Payroll Settings
    o 401k match (if any)
    o Set PTO or sick time accrual
    o Edit/create pay categories
       § Number of paid holidays
       § Paid PTO days
       § Paid sick days
       § Eligible for paid OT?
       § Hourly pay
    o State, Federal, and Local taxes
       § Jurisdiction
       § Max gross
       § Percentage
  • HR Policies and Documents
    o Upload Policy and Documents in PDF form for employee search, view and print.
    o Post your benefits policies, forms, etc
  • HR Editable Document Repository
    Store your editable documents for retrieval and editing later accessible by those with permission only.

Statistics helps to assess the reliability and usefulness of data available, and make proper decisions.

  • Total hours, overhead hours, percentage billable by user
  • Number of project all-time, under management, active, lost
  • Number of projects over budget, under budget
  • Managed value of projects all-time, current, closed
  • Total budget variance of projects managed, all time, active
  • Average and maximum lag between time date and submit date
  • Average and maximum lag between expense date and submit date

Reports and Displays

  • User statistics screen with dashboard graphics
  • User trends showing billable levels over time
  • PDF report of user statistics including performance trends
  • Calendar-based holiday screen that allows addition and deletion
  • PDF-formatted annual holiday list (suitable for posting)
  • PDF-formatted annual pay date list (suitable for posting)

Sample Actions

  • Add a new tax and apply it to an employee
  • Add or remove an employee
  • Add holidays
  • Upload your benefits manual and forms for all employees