ProFusion℠ capture all types of data. Here is the list of what is tracked:

  • Issue print-ready PDF invoices to clients for work accomplished. The type of invoice is selected based on the type of project- detailed billing causes labor hours, expenses and materials to appear on the invoice. Milestone billing such as for fixed price project suppresses the individual items and includes only achieved milestone payments on the invoice.
  • Invoices include optional credit card fees, if enabled in organization and project setup.
  • Payments are received against invoices and the statuses of invoices are updated live, including calculation of days late.
  • Write up-down (WUD) factor, which indicates if the invoiced item is to be invoiced in full or only partial. WUD is automatically calculated for fixed price or NTE projects.

Statistics helps to assess the reliability and usefulness of data available, and make proper decisions.

  • Invoice and payments amounts are used to create organization statistics analyzing business transacted and payment performance.

Reports and Displays

  • View all invoices and payments against them by client. Issue invoices showing partial payments.
  • Full accounts receivable report showing what current and overdue invoices are outstanding.
  • Voided invoices and voided payments.

Sample Actions

  • Issue print-ready PDF invoices with customized logo and content to clients.
  • Void an invoice, making the included items invoicable again.
  • Void a client payment, making the invoice payable again.
  • Write invoicable items up or down- for example to conform to a client request- prior to invoicing.
  • Receive partial or full payments against invoices.
  • Review payment status of invoices.