ERP for the Rest of Us.

Small and Medium sized business tend to operate in silos, defined by the software packages we use, rather than how our business actually runs..  

There is a package for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that allows you to enter information about companies and people, and perhaps track sales opportunities.  There are plenty of products that are good at this function.

Once you have an opportunity, how do you estimate how much it will cost and how will you prepare a proposal or quote?  There might be a software package for some of these functions, but this is most often where spreadsheets and word processors come into the picture.  You use a spreadsheet to list tasks and items needed, and tally that all up to a price.  Then you use a word processor to edit a copy of a previous proposal, changing the client, scope information, and pricing.  Don't forget to attached the correct Terms and Conditions!  Sounding familiar?

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Now you have the project and need to get it done according to the budgets on that estimate spreadsheet.  Do you use a project management tool of some kind?  One that is maybe good at Gantt charts but doesn't care much about your budgets?  And how do you get your actuals (time and dollars spent) into it, anyway?   Or maybe you are using an extension of your accounting software to track time and cost vs budget- they are good at that.  But what about schedule?  No Gantt charts here!  What about projections- do you know how your projects are going, which are on track and under budget and which are heading to an unsatisfactory conclusion?  Do you know early enough to intervene and fix those projects?  Maybe you use a shaky pile of products and add-on services to do project execution management.  How much is that really costing you, both out of pocket and in loss of efficiency?

Then there is the key part for all small business owners- getting paid.  How do you generate invoices?  It has to be according to the rules set forth in your proposal.  Do you write them up by hand and send them?  Or maybe your bookkeeper does it via your accounting package.  How do you know the invoice is right?  Do the interested parties in your company have access to how much has been invoiced and paid, or if their client is late in payment?  Would you even realize it, if someone forgot to send an invoice for project work you did? 

Businesses, small and large, must run on metrics. How much does it cost to provide the resources we employ, and how does that compare with how much we charge for them? What clients or types of projects are most profitable for us? Which clients have a tendency to pay late? The list goes on- the more metrics you and your team can see, the more ability you have to improve your business and realize the results of your improvements. ProFusion can help you take your business where you need it to go.