Nowadays, Operational workloads are relocated to the cloud platforms. This helps in minimizing the hardware, maintenance, and software update requirements. The IT team can be used for more important contributions to the enterprise.


Everything is on Cloud: Safe and Secure

ProFusion℠ is cloud-hosted; it runs on powerful servers housed in managed data centers located around the world and leverages the extensive security, malware protection, and reliability provided by the host, one of the largest computing companies in the world. This means that ProFusion℠ is securely available anywhere you have an
 internet connection, and it means that maintenance and data backup are handled by a full-time team of professionals dedicated to this purpose. Your team can focus more on the activities of your company and less on the infrastructure that runs your company.


Automatic Backup

The application and customization of each ProFusion℠ Cloud client is backed up daily, and the backups are available for a minimum of five days. This mechanism prevents accidental loss of functionality during updates or customization operations. All client data is stored in relational database tables, and the database is replicated once per day to a cloud-hosted backup server. In the unlikely event of an catastrophic failure within the primary data server, the maximum loss of data would be one day.


Cross Platform and Web Launching

ProFusion℠ Cloud applications most typically run as a client application on personal computer. The client application is lightweight, installs and updates itself automatically, and securely communicates to the cloud-hosted server. ProFusion℠ Cloud PC applications can be installed and run on Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux operating systems. The application can be customized and accessed from devices such as smartphones and tablets, using the HTML5 compatible browsers.