ProFusion℠ collects a lot of data during its normal operation, and that information is useful in many ways.  


Everything Tracked

ProFusion℠ keeps a record of all the data added to it. The action items/ tasks which are not a part of any project are also stored here. The data stored is also easy to track.

Here is the list of  data that is tracked in ProFusion℠.

  • Description of action needed
  • Owner (creator) and assignee resources
  • Due dates
  • Scope (public or private)
  • Related organization or contact if applicable
  • Result (what action was taken on closure)
  • Action items, like projects, can be shelved until a set date

Reports and Displays

ProFusion℠ is very flexible when it comes to finding records from the past. It is possible to find list of old files from throughout the system, list of messages (emails, meeting notes, PDF files). There is an option to see the list of items/tasks assigned to specific user and others. It also includes PDF formatted lists for holidays, pay dates, and projects which can be viewed in ProFusion℠ all the time.