The Home Menu simply puts the most used features in the ProFusion system in one easy to access spot.  All of these features are available under other menus already too, we just gathered them into one spot.

Similarly, My Dashboard collects the most used data and presents it in a dashboard view, for quick review of your most important data.


Home Menu

The Home Menu is the leftmost menu on the menu bar, and collects links to the most used features in ProFusion, such as your Timesheet and Expensesheets, assigned tasks, and more.

While most links on the Home Menu exist in other menus fitting their general category, there are a few unique items.  My Dashboard opens the dashboard view discussed below. Open 2nd Desktop brings up a second screen for ProFusion; this can be handy especially if you have multiple monitors, and you want to potentially compare two projects or maybe you want your timesheet on one screen while you are working with projects or other tasks on another.  You can simply close either desktop if you don't need it anymore.  Log Out takes ProFusion back to the login screen.  While simply closing the app does this too, Log Out might be used if you wish to keep ProFusion open for later use but don't want to be logged into it- perhaps if you are going to be away for a time.  User Guide brings up a PDF view of the ProFusion user guide.

My Dashboard

This screen is the first to appear on login to ProFusion.  It gives you a quick look at your projects, your timesheet, your approval queue, and your list of action items.  Colorization is used to indicate quick status of each.  Clicking on the displays opens the detailed view of that item- for instance, clicking on a project in the top box (which shows your projects status) takes you to the project home screen.  

The major components in the Dashboard are my projects on the top, my timesheet in the middle, approvals waiting for me in the lower left, and my assigned action items in the lower right.

Project Status

The top section of My Dashboard shows the projects under your control and provides color-coded quick status information.  You can open the Project detail screen by clicking on the project.

Timesheet View

Did you remember to fill in your time for yesterday?  Are you complete for the week?  The timesheet view on My Dashboard allows a quick look a this or previous weeks.

Approval Queue

This My Dashboard section shows you if there are time or expense cards or projects waiting for your review and approval.  Click on a line to be taken to that item directly.

To-Do List

The lower right quadrant of My Dashboard shows a list of your incomplete action items, colorized red if overdue.  Click on the item to open and complete it. 

User Delegation

I bet you like to take vacations once in a while, get away from the business.  But it doesn't stop while you are gone, does it?  I doubt you would want it to, anyway!  So how do you allow business to proceed while you are away?  The answer is user delegation.  On the My Dashboard screen, at the top center, users can assign another user as their delegate.  Delegates don't have the same permissions as you do-sorry, you can't be on vacation forever- but they DO have the power to handle time, expense, and project approvals in your stead.  Think of it as temporarily giving them the ability to be you for the day-to-day business, so business can operate as usual, and your pile of things to do when you get back from vacation will be a bit smaller than it would have been without user delegation.