ProFusion℠ can create different types of reports such as internal reports for the company, specific project reports. It can also create individual and team performance reports. These reports can be viewed and exported in PDF and XLS formats.


Internal Reports

Profusion℠ helps to generate statistics and reports about all sales activity. This includes information on what type of business is generating the most opportunities? What type of business has the highest sales hit rate? What does our sales pipeline look like? What are the trends for sales metrics over time?

It is also very easy to generate organization reports that list all relevant data and all organization contacts for the use of internal or external salespersons or representatives. Statistics including average time to pay invoices are calculated and trended.

Specified users will periodically receive a report via email showing all open opportunities, and any user can generate this report on demand. The same specified users will receive an Opportunity Performance Report, which shows the opportunities ordered by the last recorded associated contact, and the subject and body of that last contact. This allows sales managers to quickly see what opportunities need attention.

Project Reports

A PDF report is available once a project is executing showing the original plan of the project including metrics, and comparing that vs. actual figures. This is highlighted in color for problem areas and can be used for in-progress reviews. An average time to pay invoices are calculated and trended for specific customer. 

Reports are available for payroll processors that show a weekly or biweekly view of approved hours, organized to illustrate clearly the total hours worked by day, week, and pay period, and the division between regular work and benefit hours (such as PTO/ Vacation, Holidays, etc). Benefit hours are shown by category so that the payroll system can be easily updated.



Performance Reports

Graphical reports are available showing live company-wide statistics, such as the number of hours by resource per year totaled and trended, average hours per week, a number of projects lead by resource, percentage billable trend, types of organizations in the database, division of organization responsibility by the resource. These reports help in performance management. 

Managers/ selected users can receive an emailed report several times a week listing the time entry and approval status for themselves and all the resources that report to them.