ProFusion℠ capture all data about the organizations you deal with: names, physical address, shipping address, billing address, description, tax id number, phone numbers, website, relationship type (examples: client, prospect, competitor, vendor) and organization type (examples: chemical, food manufacturer, consulting firm), sales potential notes and so much more.


Sales and Marketing Data

ProFusion℠ has an embedded website viewer which allows users to view the websites associated with organizations quickly, without leaving the application. Profusion℠ makes holiday times easier by marking organizations and contacts to receive holiday greetings or gifts and generate reports that allow admin staff to process these mailings or deliveries easily.

The potential opportunities can also be shelved in it for future references in case the project dates are postponed. In this case user can receive an alert for the project shelved. 


Organization Statistics

ProFusion℠ also generate statistics and reports about organizations. This information includes the amount of business done, the amount of business proposed, sales hit rates, the amount of money received.

It also generates statistics and reports about all sales activity. Here is the list of reports that can be generated using ProFusion℠

  • what type of business is generating the most opportunities?
  • What type of business has the highest sales hit rate?
  • What does our sales pipeline look like?
  • What are the trends in sales metrics over time?

Data Export and Import

It is easy. Just sort, search, report and export all data. The export formats include Excel and CSV. ProFusion℠ also helps to manually record non-email interactions with contacts including inbound or outbound phone calls, meetings or other types of interaction. If any email is forwared to the system email address, it will import the message, automatically associating it with any contacts found in the message recipients or email body, and associating it with projects or other types of records.