ProFusion℠  additional features are as follows: 

Approval Workflows

Projects can be divided into different stages where only authorized personnel can review that information based on their role in the organization.

Customer Data

All of your customer data such as contact information, quotes, purchase orders, invoices gets stored in ProFusion.

Statistical Calculations

Get estimated, actual, and extrapolated predictions on project progress with ProFusion.

Highly Customizable:

ProFusion℠ is flexible for your business. Some examples of configurable settings are user permissions, billing rates, material markups, project status notices, standard terms & conditions statements, and much, much more. Upload your company logo to enhance your reports and customer facing proposals.

PDF Reports

You can create estimate breakdown reports, print-ready customized proposals based on your project type, project trend screens, performance statistics, exportable and customizable lists of projects, and much more.

Data Collection

All the files are stored within the system associated with many records. These files can be searched, filtered, and sorted all at once. These files can be downloaded to the local machine and they are safely stored in the cloud.


You can select and send an email directly from the application. In this way, the email is tracked and gets associated with that client or project record. You can also prepare and deliver PDF reports on a regular basis to selected personnel.

Project Management

Projects, sub-projects and task monitoring, budgeting, scheduling, resource assignment to tasks, project life-cycle stages, and detailed project metrics make for an excellent portal into the life of your business..

More Features

  • Client Asset Management
  • Internal Asset Management
  • Parts Database
  • Pricing & Quotes Management
  • Employee Reimbursements & Approval With Receipt Images
  • Timesheet Timers