ProFusion℠ capture all types of data. Here is the list of what is tracked:

  • Requisitions are created against Material Estimates (see Project section) on a project, and must be approved by the project manager to proceed. Each has quantity, model, estimated shipping, and price. Users select a vendor-quoted price for the item and this is referenced on the resulting purchase order.
  • Authorized purchasing employees may substitute parts or vendor quotes, allowing them to seek better pricing before the order is placed.
  • Approved orders (as modified and approved) are consolidated into a single purchase order by vendor.
  • Purchase orders are PDF complete with customized logo, shipping instructions, etc. They can be saved and printed or emailed directly to the vendor by ProFusion℠.
  • Ordered materials can then be received. Received materials are stored in a customizable location, and can then be moved to other locations (warehouse, shelf, work cell, desk, etc.). This is optional but can allow you to not lose track of anything in your company. Locations are completely customizable.
  • Vendor invoices are entered against purchase orders, and these amounts flow to project metrics. Vendor payments are also generated by authorized users, allowing the entire purchasing process to be tracked and recorded.
  • Screens are available to easily manage the parts you work with by manufacturer, family, and model, and other screens are used to allow users to quickly enter quotations from vendors for these parts. The quoted prices are used in project estimates, requisitions, and purchase orders.

Statistics helps to assess the reliability and usefulness of data available, and make proper decisions.

  • Material requisition
  • Purchase order
  • Actual amounts paid, including shipping costs
  • Flow into projects as core metrics

Reports and Displays

  • Displays showing requisitions, orders, vendor invoices, and vendor payments are available, and are used to work with the process by authorized users.
  • PDF material breakdown report

Sample Actions

  • Requisition parts against a material expense item on a project
  • Consolidate requisitions into a purchase order for a vendor
  • Create print-ready PDF purchase order
  • Receive vendor invoice, enter into system, and check that the invoice matches the issued purchase order. Evaluate shipping costs
  • Add new items to the company catalog of parts
  • Create a PDF quest for re-quotes from vendors
  • Trigger an email request for updated pricing to a vendor. The vendor can fill in pricing in the email and send it back. The system will automatically input the received prices- no need for manual entry of quotes.