ProFusion℠ capture all types of data. Here is the list of what is tracked:

  • Each employee enters time in hours against Tasks (see Projects above). The hours must include a description, and they are rounded to the nearest ¼ hour.
  • Labor hours may also be entered by returning task assignment reminder emails with hours and description.
  • Each employee enters expenses incurred against Sub-projects (see above for explanation), and they select an expense category (customizable). Personal mileage is automatically computed at the current mileage rate (customizable).
  • Time and expenses go through an approval process, and must be approved by sub-project leader, project leader, and/or the employee’s direct supervisor. Your approval requirements are shown on the Dashboard screen. Approval screens provide details on the submittal and the projects involved, and provide the ability to approve, reject, or question the submitted record, with email notifications back to the submitting employee.
  • Approved time and expense appears on invoices if appropriate.
  • Approved expenses are listed in a reimbursement queue. Staff with expense approver permissions issue reimbursement vouchers when the reimbursement is paid back to the employee

Statistics helps to assess the reliability and usefulness of data available, and make proper decisions.

  • Labor hours and expenses are used as core metrics for sub-projects and projects.
  • The system calculates each employee’s recent performance in terms of days between work or expense and submittal for same (how quickly did they submit their time or expense). Managers can use this to drive more timely (and so more accurate) submittals.

Reports and Displays

  • Time sheets and expense sheets for easy entry
  • Time and expense approval workflow screens
  • Reimbursement screens
  • List of all unapproved time (used typically by payday processors to be sure all time is reviewed and submitted).
  • Exportable, customizable time and expense lists by project or by employee.
  • PDF report showing biweekly payroll (see HR/Payroll also).
  • Burden factor report showing the affect of overtime on costs of salaried employees.
  • Four on-screen timers that can be started and stopped easily to track time against multiple tasks in a day. Submit at the end of the day or as many times as needed. There is an on-screen indicator that there are timers running, and the time is automatically rounded up to the nearest ¼ hour. The timecard is entered directly into the system from the timer screen without a need to visit the time entry page.

Sample Actions

  • Use timesheet and expensesheet to submit time or expense incurred, use approval screens to review those that are submitted to you, and approve, reject, or question.
  • Use an email response to submit time against assigned tasks (no need to even open ProFusion℠- perhaps done by email over a smartphone)